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4 Ways To Make The Transition From Great Employee to Great Leader

Corporate life is strange. I could list all the ways that it’s strange, but if you’ve ever spent any time there, the sentence needs no real explanation.  

We’re all highly skilled adults but without proper structure and leadership any group can very quickly devolve into chaos. 

Being a leader, although it’s essential to the survival and growth of a company, isn’t easy.


3 Things To Know Before You Outsource

Contractors, Consultants and Vendors can be a valuable resource in the success of any company.

They allow you to leverage skills that you don’t need to pay to build, acquire a knowledge base that has been perfected in other environments and benefit from a new perspective.

The first step to gaining these benefits is to be clear about the each of these resources can benefit you so that you can choose the correct provider.


5 Steps To Building A High Performing Team​

Have you ever heard the expression, “God works alone, everyone else has a boss.”?

At work, it’s true.

One of the most common questions from everyone’s boss is, “why can’t your team deliver?”

When things go wrong or don’t get done, as they certainly will from time to time, someone has to explain that. And if you are the leader of a team, that someone is generally you.


5 Ways To Make Your Next Meeting More Productive​

Meetings, we’ve all got them, and most of them feel list a waste of time.  

People show up late or not at all.  They “multi-task” or don’t have any of their promised work completed, they spend 10 minutes telling everyone that they are too busy to get anything done.  Then there is that guy, you now him, his dog is always barking.  

Remote work has brought a lot of advantages, but remote meetings aren’t one of them.


Our Mission

SRP Consulting is committed to supporting our clients growth through exceptional service delivery.  We pride ourselves on making a contribution that will last long after your project, process or strategy is implemented.  We are not one time consultants, we are long term partners invested in your success.

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